Book Liftoff

Book Liftoff offers a variety of services for authors.  Whether you are looking for a full service production company, social media and marketing services, or anything else writers need, we can assist you in becoming more successful.  We specialize in Indie and Hybrid authors.  We are here to help you succeed as an author and help you grow your readership!

Why choose us?

Book Liftoff was created out of a need to support artists in their rise to success. Whether you’re writing your first novel or your tenth, or perhaps you’re just exhausted with the business of business, we want to be the support and encouragement you need to take the next step in pursuing your dreams.

So often the overwhelming fear of failure or even success keeps talented artists from growing in their craft and reaching for ultimate success.  Sometimes it is the lack of encouragement or support from those around you that stifles your desire to break out of the mold and make changes in your career.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you afraid of failure due to lack of industry knowledge?
  2. Does “selling yourself” intimidate you?
  3. Do you loath social media or not have time for it?
  4. Have you ever wondered, “Where do I even start?”
  5. Do you need more free time to pursue your writing but get caught up in the business of business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions:

Then you need us!
Let us do the tedious and time-consuming job of getting your name and brand to the public. We work on your behalf, proudly representing your name and acting as an advocate for your talents and goals.

Dana Wayne, Award-winning Author

“You have been awesome to work with…my questions were quickly and adequately addressed. I am so green, in most cases I don’t even know what questions to ask. You even anticipated some of those and addressed them. This process has been smooth and issue free…I’m a happy camper!”

Patty Wiseman, Award-winning Author

“I was looking for a company that really did care about product and professionalism. I found it with Y&R’s Book Liftoff. They worked with me closely and listened to all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this company. When someone cares, it shows.”

Book Liftoff Options

Submit to Y&R

Developmental services: 


~Branding & logo

~Email Services

~Business Cards

~Social Media Creation

~Social Media Update

~Newsletter & Sign-Up Forms Integration

~Website including 1 Domain, 4+ page site, design and 1 year of hosting

~Website refreshing

~Press Releases for book release

Book Production services:

~ Beta Reading

~ Editing – line/content

~ Final Proofreading

~ ISBN assignment

~ Cover Design

~ Formatting

~ Distribution of ebook & print

Special services:

~ Ultimate Press & Blog Plan

~ Definitive Release Launch Plan

~ Extreme Library Resource Plan

~ Vital Reviews Resource Plan

~ Elite Ads System on Social Media & Google AdWords Creation

~ Product Creation & Launch Plan

Due to the nature of our business and the amount of investment we spend on our clients, we do not accept all Authors. We have certain requirements, we work very hard for long-term relationships, and we have a level of excellence that upholds our reputation as well as our clients’ reputations.