About Y&R

Wonder what Y&R stands for?

Believe it or not, it means Yuppie & Redneck! Cheryl Letsch, Ranay James and JoAnna Grace firmly believe in being real, transparent, and confident in who they are and that means doing things like a Yuppie or doing things like a Redneck, or something in between…whatever it takes to get the job done. They take pride in working with integrity, passion, and tenacity.

Cheryl Letsch

With nearly a decade of experience in direct sales, Cheryl worked and achieved becoming a top leader and in top 1% of the company,

Cheryl is no stranger to being the CEO of her own company. She has managed various organizations, been an Administrator of several businesses, coordinating musical acts, public events, and promotions.

Her dedication to excellence is stamped on everything she does and she is passionate about her clients!

ranay james

Ranay James

Ranay James moved to a small farm in East Texas along with her husband and two dogs after walking away from the fast paced corporate life in 2012.

Becoming a romance writer seems a most unlikely path for a woman who spent most of her career managing people and operational practices within the corporate environment.

Ranay brings her corporate and operations management experience to Y&R and assists implementing processes to assist clients in their rise to success.

JoAnna Grace

JoAnna Grace

As an author herself, no one understands the demands of being an indie artist better.

Her thirteen years of experience in direct sales, business management, employee coordination, event planning, and office management have prepared her for self-publishing. When she is not writing, JoAnna helps out with her family’s construction business. It is her goal to be the guiding hand her client’s need to step out of their comfort zone and take charge of their career.